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Nouveau Theatre School was established by professional dancer choreographer Charlotte Stockton. The school first opened it's doors in July 2009 with just 5 students. We now offer professional dance and on to over 100 students on a weekly basis and run classes in Coleshill and Wood End.

Charlotte's performing credits include The Brit Awards - Kanye West, RMX Ford Galaxy Advert, How too succeed in Business Without Really Trying, The Carbon Black Run - Milan, Rozalla Live in Russia, Download Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Festival Of Ede Oman, Australian Business Awards -Dubai, The Real Megane Experiment, All starts show - South Korea, The Big Reunion, Tidy Weekender, The Holloways, Army of a Freshman plus much more.

Charlotte's choreography credits include - Rozalla Live in Russia, Download Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Festival Of Ede Oman, Australian Business Awards, various club and corporate events, The Big Reunion and Tidy Weekender, various primary and secondary school shows.  

NTS offers a wide variety of classes and has a strong emphasis of performance. Students are regularly called upon to perform at events up and down the country giving valuable performing experience.

We readily welcome students from the age of 2 years onwards. Whether you enjoy dancing as a hobby or would like to take it more seriously and work towards a professional standard NTS is the school for you.

NTS focuses on each individual student and aims to encourage confidence and self belief in a happy, friendly and safe environment.

If you are attending classes to keep fit, have fun or to meet new people all are welcome at the school to learn new skills but most of all to have FUN!

E x a m i n a t i o n s

Examinations are taken in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Freestyle and Musical Theatre through the I.D.T.A. Once results have been given pupils will be invited to a presentation evening.

S h o w s

Once a year pupils will be given the opportunity to perform in our annual show held at a nearby theatre. This is where pupils will be given the chance to show what they have learned over the year.

D a n c e F e s t i v a l s

Dance festivals are for people who would like to gain more performing experience and who are thinking about a career in performing. Pupils will have the chance to enter festivals up and down the country throughout the year. Taking part in Solos, Duets, Trios and Troupes.

P r o f e s s i o n a l P e r f o r m a n c e s

NTS is often invited to perform at events throughout the country. Performing at events such as these gives students the opportunity to learn first hand what it takes to be a performer.

M a s t e r C l a s s e s & W o r k s h o p s

NTS believes to give every pupil the opportunity to have as many different types of training and experiences as possible. That is why at the end of every term or even some half term holidays pupils will be given the opportunity to attend classes taught by our GUEST TEACHERS who have professionally trained and continue to work in the business.