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Tiny Tots 

2 1/2 - 4 years old 


Introducing young performers to the world of dance. Students will learn the basic skills including timing, rhythm, co-ordination and flexibility. During this session your little dancer will learn the introduction to Ballet, Tap and Modern. 

Classes are held at 

Coleshill Leisure Centre 

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Prep Class 

4 - 6 Years old 

Reception and year one

The follow on class from Tiny Tots. Students will learn to advance their basic skills including timing,

rhythm, co-ordination and flexibility. Through an array of different sessions with us. From Ballet to Tumbling, Click on the "Learn more" for all classes listed for this age group. 

Students are also able to start their examination journey with us during this class. 

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7-10 Year olds 

Ballet, Tap, Modern, Theatre Craft, Street Dance, Acro, stretch, Tumble, Musical Theatre, Turns and leaps are all available for this age group. Developing more skills you can choose as many or as little for your superstar. We are now developing further technique and confidence in your budding performer. 

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10-12 Year olds 

Carrying on developing skills, we now have the further introduction of Contemporary dance. Again, being able to choose as many or as little classes helps you create your own dance and performing experience. 

Further performing experiences are introduced from this age. 

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13 years +

Exams, performing, events, shows, competitions, professional work or come just for fun. Classes for 13 years + are designed to help your child reach their maximum potential. For the more serious dancer we now offer audition technique to readily prepare them for the performing arts world. 

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